Product Design

Product Design

For some start-ups and OEM manufacturers, interconnect design is not their key technology or their specialty field, when they are under pressure to bring their products to markets, they usually find out their engineering sources are limited, budget is burning out or interconnect design is not perfect, that make so much sense to approach Lucky Pioneer, we have in-depth understanding of connector, cable, terminal, tube, tooling from global brand to local alternatives and customized part.

Our engineering team are happy to work with customers through face-to-face meeting, conference call in design stage, customers can consider Lucky Pioneer as an extension to their RD team, coupled with decades of experiences in interconnect industry, DFX is well taken into consideration in our product development process.

Our design service includes:

  • Cable design and selection
  • Connector and terminals design and selection
  • Cable assembly and wire harness layout design for “whole box”.
  • Tooling design and optimization
  • Metal and plastic parts design and prototypes
  • Manufacturing process design and perfection

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