Products capability overview:


Lucky Pioneer's product capability platform enable complete vertical integration from concept design, initial design, production validation, mass production to value-added services. Lucky Pioneer also distribute insulated rewinding wire of New England Technologies and Furukawa Electric.

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Overall Capability

 Product Range: Litz wire, single and multi-layer insulated wire
 Temperature Range: From 130C to 180 C (class B to class H)
 Minimum Wall Thickness:1 mil
 Conductor Size Range: From 40AWG  to 6AWG

Conductor and Braiding Material

  1.  Bare Copper
  2.  Tinned Copper
  3.  Enamelled wire

Insulation Material

  1.  PFA
  2.  FEP
  3.  ETFE
  4.  PET 
  • Single Insulated Wire

    Single Insulated Wire

  • Double Insulated Wire

    Double Insulated Wire

  • Triple Insulated Wire

    Triple Insulated Wire

  • Litz Wire

    Litz Wire

  • Mylar Covered Wire

    Mylar Covered Wire

  • Litz/USTC Wire

    Litz/USTC Wire