Triple-insulated wire

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Triple-insulated wire:

Triple insulated wire is electrical wire formed with 3 insulation layers verified as insulation material in safety standards around the circumference of the conductor. These wires are used in power transformers and realize miniaturization and cost reductions as no insulation tape or barrier tape is required between the primary and secondary windings of the transformers.
Development capabilities cultivated over many years as a pioneer of triple insulated wire, low cost and high reliability are highly regarded, and Furukawa Electric has global top level market share.


Difference between triple-insulated wire and enameled wire:

1. Different materials: structure and composition are different
2. Different performance: Since the three-layer insulated wire cannot be directly welded, it needs to be stripped first, and the cost is higher, and it will be replaced by FIW; the insulation level is different, and the three-layer insulated wire can be produced with a temperature resistance of 200 degrees
3. Can be different in color, etc