Test show connectors operate at increased current

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Smiths Interconnect HPH Series board-level connectors

Smiths Interconnect ran tests on its HPH Series of board-level connectors, the results of which showed that the connectors can operate at higher temperatures that the company originally specified. That’s due to a temperature rise of 30°C at current rating of 8A per pin, depending on the number of adjacent pins carrying such current. The connectors can operate at temperatures from -55°C to +125°C. Tests performed at the

  • 8.5 A at 30°C rise, single contact
  • 8 A at 30°C rise, 2 adjacent contacts
  • 7 A at 30 C rise, 4 adjacent contacts

Previously shock-tested to Military (MIL-DTL-55302) specifications, Smiths Interconnect now claims that the HPH connector series has been further tested for shock and vibration to European Space Agency ESCC 3401 standards.

The power-to-size ratio and ruggedness of the HPH Series result from Smiths Interconnect’s Hypertac hyperboloid contact design. The three-dimensional symmetry of this configuration guarantees electrical continuity regardless of the demanding conditions. The connectors’ insertion/extraction force is an average of 1 oz per contact in tests, which increases the mating cycle life of our connectors.