Products capability overview:


Lucky Pioneer's product capability platform enable complete vertical integration from concept design, initial design, production validation, mass production to value-added services.

Overall Capability

  1. Multi-contact types 2 to 64 contacts.
  2. Keying system for connector alignment
  3. Multiple key options to avoid cross mating of similar connectors.
  4. 360 deg. screening for full EMC shielding.
  5. Rugged housing for extreme working condition.
  6. Watertight connection (IP68)
  7. Solder, crimp or printed circuit contacts (straight or elbow).
  8. 5,000 mating cycles and more

Material and process

 1. Housing:

 2. Insert:

 3. Contact:


 4. Surface finish:

     Au plating/Silver plating/Tin plating/Nickel plating
 5. Bend relief:

     Silicone Rubber/TPU

 Major Products

  1. M8 circular connector    
  2. M12 circular connector
  3. M16 circular connector
  4. Pull-push connector
  5. Water-proof connector
  6. High current connector
  • Pull-push Connector

    Pull-push Connector